With decades of experience in process consumables industry, Cango Metal is a supply chain partner to some of the best known names among the Steel Mills and Foundries. Cango Metal effectively leverages its global mining and processing partnerships to supply metals, alloys and minerals using a network of offices, sales and service specialists as well as distribution centers. The focus in every transaction is quality and value addition to end users. Our portfolio of raw materials for the Steel Mills and Foundries cover a comprehensive list of process consumables used in manufacture of low alloy, mild and high alloy steel. These materials provide properties such as high corrossion resistance, weldability, deoxidising and are used in high strength steel as well as industry specific solutions. They are available in metal and alloy form with different chemistry’s to suit customer’s needs. With extensive end user network and decades of experience in raw materials supply chain management solutions, we ensure strict adherence to input quality and improvement in recovery and efficiency. This catalog provides an overview of the core materials we engage in and supply to Steel Mills and Foundries worldwide.